is an blog about love and relationships. She focused on female & couple's. But most of the readers are female. Beside blogging she does relationship coaching and counseling.

It started in june 2013 when Anna Klijn contacted us for an new website. She allready had an WordPress website, but it was not up-to-date anymore.

Anna is an very creative client, so there was nothing to design for us. We only had to change an WordPress theme (based on Genesis Framework) according to her design and description.

The things she wanted to changed and added to the theme where.

  • On the top and bottom custom header & footer with the subscribe forms of her newsletter service.
  • All the default terms & title's changed to dutch.
  • Different colors for links & buttons
  • For the blog overview a different photo than on the detail page
  • Add responsive functionality to the theme
  • Add custom footer with custom copyright text

Custom plugins/functionalities

From then, until now we did a lot more for

  • Created an Video-courses plugin. People could subscribe via an external system. The video's where hidden for users that are not logged in. Added responsive functionality and Facebook like/share buttons.
  • Created an shortcode for adding custom subscribe forms inside the content. These where connected via an external Newsletter system.
  • Intergrate and connect with Payment system (with an intergration of Paypal & iDeal)
  • Created an User-rights plugin. This is to select which users are authorized (or not) to see some courses.

We are very happy with a client like Anna Klijn. We love to collaborate with her to build her website/blog better and better.