Meulenkamp Optiek

Mr Meulenkamp from Meulenkamp Optiek had just a few simple rules for the new website.

  • A better design
  • Responsive
  • Userfriendly on mobile devices
  • The colors of the store must be in the new website

Web Media Helden had a freehand in designing the website of Meulenkamp Optiek. So we decided to use WordPress with an Premium WordPress Theme. The designing proccess was fully in the browser.

We designed so that it is easy for users of all ages to navigate. The clients of Meulenkamp Optiek are from all ages, young and old. We loved to build the website for Meulenkamp Optiek, because the owner and his people are so passionated about what the do: "Caring about everyone's eyes", just like we do, but than different.