Webdesign Will is a really awesome company! So when the asked us to build there cool design into a HTML/CSS/Javascript template, we where super excited! The design was super funny, the style is very close to the guys who work for Webdesign Will. The guys of Webdesign Will where so busy with there projects, that the didn't had the time to build it themself. The wanted us to focus on maintainability and Frontend Performance.

Webdesign Will is very cool to work with. The meet our thinking of technical solutions, the are basicly nerds, just like us!

What did we do?

  • Created a Frontend Architecture with GulpJS, Sass
  • Build a clean CSS and HTML
  • Build the website responsive (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile)


Webdesign Will didn't need a Content Management System. Because the are intergrating the template inside there own NodeJS based CMS.

Do you want to hire us for the Frontend Development only? Please contact us at info@webmediahelden.nl